Response to Intervention

District 100 uses a response to intervention model (RtI) of education to meet the individual and unique needs of learners. The RtI model is based in supporting student’s educational needs both when gaps in learning are identified and when students need an extra challenge.

Another important time students can receive additional educational support is during the 45 minute intervention block. During this time students who are need of additional support, as identified by data, receive support in the areas of reading and math. If you student is participating in a reading or math intervention you will be notified with a letter accompanied by your child’s reading and/or math data. If at any time you have questions about the data you receive you are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher.


Students participate in an uninterrupted 90 minute reading block. Reading block time consists of whole group instruction and small group instruction designed to differentiate for learner strengths and weaknesses. During this time, classroom teachers, reading support personal, and other building specialists all work together to support reading instruction in the classroom. Due to the imperative need for student growth in reading, it is recommended that when planning appointments and visits the reading block time remain undisturbed for instruction. Each classroom continues to support reading throughout the day in content areas, special classes and additional literacy time built into class schedules.

Positive Behavior Intervention Systems

Students follow the school code of conduct.

· Respect for Self

· Respect for Other

· Respect for Property

By making use of a common language for behavioral expectations students are able to communicate concerns with one another. Parents are encouraged to make use of the language when talking with their students at home to further reinforce the common language used at school.​

Curriculum and Assessment

Teachers and staff have been working on creating a more personalized learning environment for students within the classroom settings. We have been discussing more about aligning common vocabulary and assessments with Reading and Language Arts.